Tips for Increasing Article Visibility and Impact

As the number of research articles being published each year continues to grow, it is important to maximise the visibility of your articles, and those published in journals that you are on the editorial board for. This is especially important for encouraging people to read and cite your articles

Vascular & Endovascular Review is published on a gold open access basis and therefore is freely available to readers, making content in the journal accessible and easy to share and promote. Here are some tips for encouraging citations to your articles and those published in your journals.

Tips for Authors

Before Publication

  1. Maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) by including keywords in your title and abstract.
  2. Add section/ subheadings with keywords to the different sections of your article.
  3. Don’t be afraid to repeat keywords or phrases, as this will increase the likelihood of your article being placed higher in search engine results – just ensure that your repetition is not excessive.
  4. Collaborating with co-authors and combining networks will increase the visibility, reach and the potential citations to your article.
  5. Ensure your author name is accurate and consistent across articles, as this makes it easier for readers to find all of your published work. For common names to avoid any confusion, use a research identifier, such as an ORCID.
  6. Cite your previous articles in new articles that you are writing where they are relevant.

Following Publication

  1. Share a link to your article on social media (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,, ResearchGate, Mendeley) and on your institution profile page.
  2. Send a copy of your article colleagues.
  3. Add a copy of your article to your institutional repository.
  4. Network and attend key conferences and events and talk about your research.
  5. When presenting at conference and events, refer to any of your relevant previously published articles.

Tips for Editors and Board Members

  1. Promote the journal by including relevant journal articles on your reading lists if in a teaching role.
  2. Cite relevant journal articles in articles you are currently writing.
  3. When presenting at key conferences and events refer to relevant articles from the journal in your slides.
  4. Networking is key to building relationships and increasing journal awareness within the community. Not only will it attract submissions, readers and citations but it will also help with finding reviewers and potential editorial board members.
  5. Ensure that your review process is as efficient and effective as possible. Quick turnaround times will keep authors happy and increase the opportunity for the articles to make an impact.
  6. Publish regular special focus collections that address key/hot topics within the community and will generate interest.