VEITHsymposium™ 2019: Update on the Arterial Assist Device® — Prof Sherif Sultan

Professor Sherif Sultan (Galway University Hospitals, Galway, IE) discuss Pneumatic Sequential Compression For Ischemia: Update in the ArtAssist® Device at VEITHsymposium™ 2019.

1.How did the A ArtAssist® device first come into medicine?
2.What are the benefits of the ArtAssist® device?
3.How does the device work?
4.Which patients are most applicable for the ArtAssist® device and how do you implement it into a wider treatment plan?
5.What data supports the devices use?

Filmed on site at VEITHsymposium™ 2019 by Radcliffe Cardiology.