Chimney EVAR Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop. You will hear thought-provoking lectures given by world-renowned Chimney EVAR experts. BONUS: Challenging video case presentations.

In addition, you will receive hands-on demonstrations of important materials and watch the techniques performed on a silicon model.

Topics Include:

  • Logistics and Equipment Issues for Successful Ch/EVAR
  • The CE Approved Technique Step by Step (Video Presentation)
  • Use of Balloon Expandable Chimney Grafts: Pros and Cons of the Available Devices
  • Gutters; Etiology and Therapeutic Algorithm
  • Challenging Cases (Video Presentations)

The session runs from 3 - 6 pm

Start date
Wednesday November 14 2018
End date
Wednesday November 14 2018
Americas Hall 1, 3rd Floor NY
United States
Phone: 800-987-9314, Ext. 200
New York US

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