First results MUST trial - Dr Kakkhee Yeung

Dr Kakkhee Yeung (VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, NL) discusses First results of the MUST trial - Updates on the use of microbubbles in thrombolysis.

1.Can you tell us about the design of the MUST trial?
2.What are the potential benefits of UltraSound-accelerated Thrombolysis over conventional catheter directed thrombolysis?
3.How could contrast-enhanced ultrasound using microbubbles further improve the treatment of intra-arterial catheter-directed thrombolysis?
4.What are your key findings from MUST to date and what conclusions (if any) can be made?
5.What kind of further research is needed to validate Microbubble and UltraSound-accelerated Thrombolysis?


Interviewer: Jonathan McKenna
Videographer: Mike Knight