LINC 2019: Endogolix AFX unibody stent graft - Dr Vikram Puttaswamy


Dr Vikram Puttaswamy (Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia) discusses an Australian multicentre experience with the Endologix AFX unibody stent graft for treatment of aortoiliac occlusive disease.


Filmed by Radcliffe Vascular on site at LINC 2019.

Editorial Lead: Gary Swanston / David Ramsey.

Videographer: Tom Green



1. Why did you conduct this study? (00:09)

2. Who was included in the study data? (00:50)

3. What were your findings? (01:15)

4. What conclusions can be made as a result of this study? (02:08)

5. How should this data influence practice and further research in these patients? (02:48)