LINC 2019: IN.PACT™ - Robert A. Lookstein, MD


Robert A. Lookstein (Icahn School of Medicine, New York, US) discusses the IN.PACT™ AV Access drug-coated balloon study.


Filmed on site by Radcliffe Vascular at LINC 2019.

Editorial Team: Gary Swanston / David Ramsey

Videographer: Tom Green. 



1. Why is the IN.PACT™ AV Access trial required? (00:09)

2. Could you describe the study design and patient cohort? (00:47)

3. Could you summarise the data you are presenting at LINC 2019 and what insight this data offers? (01:52)

4. How should this trial impact clinical practice? (03:30)

5. What further data can we expect to see? (04:50)