VEITH 2018: Valiant Navion IDE study - Dr Fabio Verzini


Dr Fabio Verzini (University of Perugia, IT) discusses the Valiant Navion IDE study - Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) study analysing the safety and efficacy of Valiant Navion in patients with TAA and PAU.


Why was the Valiant Navion study needed? (0:10)

What data has been presented at Veith? (0:45)

How does this compare to other TEVAR devices on the market? (1:22)

What patients is the Valiant Navion most suitable for? (2:00)

What further data from the Valiant Navion programme should be anticipated? (2:22)


Filmed by Radcliffe Vascular on site at VEITH 2018.