Vascular Society of Malaysia


c/o Anderes Fourdy Events, G-3A, Incubator 1, Technology Park Malaysia

57000 Bukit Jalil

Kuala Lumpur


The Vascular Society of Malaysia was formed in March of 2002. The mission and philosophy of VSM is to promote the awareness of vascular diseases and their management amongst doctors and patients, so that the diseases may be diagnosed and treated early thus improving the quality of life. Some of its main objectives are:

  • to create a national body in voicing out issues pertaining to vascular diseases and their management

  • to enhance the understanding of vascular diseases and their management amongst the public as well as the medical fraternity

  • to collaborate with similar bodies worldwide and establishing a fraternity amongst individuals with a common interest, for exchange of ideas and information, in pursuit of better care and improved quality of life for patients with vascular diseases

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