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  • VEIN by Steve Elias

    Welcome to the VEIN podcast hosted by Steve Elias, MD, vascular surgeon, Engelwood, NJ, US. Released on the first Friday of every month, Steve aims to provide engaging conversations on the latest topics in venous and vascular disease. Listen to the latest episodes below. Also available on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music for download. 

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  • EP :3 How COVID-19 has changed the educational paradigm

    How has education and training for physicians changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? Steve Elias, MD, meets with key industry figures from AngioDynamics, Philips, Medtronic as well as event organisers, Radcliffe Group, to gain a different perspective, this time from industry on their response to the recent pandemic.

    Time : 48:01

  • EP 2: COVID-19- Venous Educational Challenges and Solutions

    In this episode, Steve Elias meets with a panel of expert venous physicians to discuss the immediate and future challenges that COVID-19 has caused on venous and vascular education. Hear them relate the impact that COVID-19 has had on various interventional procedures and the effect it’s had on the organisation and timing of key educational meetings. Finally, they express their thoughts on the long-term changes on educational paradigms that the post-COVID era may bring such as: live meetings, hybrid meetings, eLearning and the use of webinar-based platforms.

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    Time : 34:33

  • EP 1: Coordinated Research Network

    The coordinated registry network (CRN) aims to collect and compare data from diverse registries with similar data points, to help physicians address specific questions based on collective real-world data.

    Steve Elias meets with Jens Eldruip-Jorgensen (Maine, US), Marlin Schul (Indiana , US) and Nicholas Osbourne (Michigan, US) to find out more about the aims of the Coordinated Research Network and its impact on real-world practice to treat patients with venous disease. Highlights include discussions around the benefits and challenges of registry data, as well as a look at the current data coming out from the CRN and its implications for clinicians.

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    Time : 29:30