In this episode, Steve Elias meets with a panel of expert venous physicians to discuss the immediate and future challenges that COVID-19 has caused on venous and vascular education.

Hear them relate the impact that COVID-19 has had on various interventional procedures and the effect it’s had on the organisation and timing of key educational meetings. Finally, they express their thoughts on the long-term changes on educational paradigms that the post-COVID era may bring such as live meetings, hybrid meetings, eLearning and the use of webinar-based platforms.

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What to listen for:

In this episode they discuss:

[00.00] Introductions
[03.15] Logistical issues: eLearning
[04.40] Audience considerations: ideal attention span
[06.39] Impact on CX 2020
[10.40] Impact on the future of conference gatherings
Impact on the management of venous patients now and in the future
[13.30] Impact on the Venous Symposium: virtual webinar
[15.00] Digital meetings: a hybrid approach
[16.23] The future need for society meetings
[18.50] The long-term impact of COVID-19 on education, social engagements and mass gatherings
[22.29] The value of social interaction.
[24.30] What have we learnt about digital education and what is the future for education, industry and practice?
[32.00] Summary and closing remarks

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34m 34s