Vascular disease in all of its manifestations is a leading cause of death and disability affecting a large percentage of Americans over the age of 50. There is a critical need for physicians who diagnose, treat and manage patients with vascular disease to receive continuing medical education in this area. The latest pharmacologic, radiologic, surgical and endovascular techniques and technologies will be presented, along with discussions of when these treatments are justified and indicated and when they are not. Updates on clinical trials and opportunities for dialogue with experts in the field provide insight along with the latest data on the results of the various treatment modalities.

There is an enormous gap between actual practice and the current state of knowledge. This gap is filled imperfectly with material in books and published articles. These sources are also often negatively influenced by the biases of authors, reviewers and editors. VEITHsymposium attempts to fill this gap more perfectly and more currently by enlisting speakers with up-to-date information and data, and also those on both sides of controversial issues. In this way, the audience gets a current view of the state-of-the-art in vascular disease management as of the date of the meeting. All important topics are covered.

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