Recent developments for the treatment of acute and chronic venous outflow obstruction

Recent developments for the treatment of acute and chronic venous outflow obstruction

Venous interventions


This webinar will focus on recent technical developments for treating endovascular patients with acute and chronic venous outflow obstruction. New data for dedicated venous stents are now available and will be summarized. Within acute deep vein thrombosis endovascular treatment, new thrombectomy devices are now available which give the opportunity to avoid long-term local lysis therapy.

This webinar aims to:

  • Up-to-date summary of recent developments within endovascular venous treatment

This webinar is intended for:

  • Endovascular and vascular specialists



Dr. Michael Lichtenberg received his medical degree from the medical university of Dusseldorf in 1999 after his medical education in Dusseldorf and the Texas Heart Institute, USA. Dr. Lichtenberg is certified by the German medical board in angiology and cardiology, with a certificate of special qualification in interventional angiology. Since 2013, he is the chief medical director of the vascular clinic of Arnsberg, Germany, which is one of the largest interventional angiology clinics in Germany. At the Arnsberg vascular centre Dr. Lichtenberg led the establishment of a for deep venous intervention program which grew to be one of the largest in Germany. The scientific work in the venous and arterial field by Dr. Lichtenberg and his team is extensively published. He presents his research at conferences around the world. In 2017 he was elected for the executive secretary of the German Angiology society (DGA). Since 2020 he is the President of the German Angiology society.


Professor Ramesh K Tripathi is an Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Queensland and an Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He has extensive experience with open, endovascular and hybrid deep venous surgeries with significant publications and international presentations to conferences worldwide. He is a Distinguished Fellow of Society for Vascular Surgery, Distinguished Fellow of American Venous Forum, and Honorary Member of European Venous Forum. Dr. Tripathi is a distinguished reviewer for Journal of Vascular Surgery and JVIR and sits on the editorial boards of Journal of Endovascular Therapy, Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, International Angiology, Vascular, Phlebology, Aorta, Annals of Vascular Surgery, Asian Journal of Surgery and Endovascular Today.




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