What is the Best Open Approach for Aortic (Graft) Infections?

Published: 09 May 2019

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Prof Xavier Berard (University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, FR) discusses tips & tricks for the best open approach for aortic (graft) infections.

Filmed by Radcliffe Vascular in London, UK 



1. How prevalent is infection following AAA, and what is the burden to healthcare systems? 

2. What is your preferred strategy when dealing with aortic infections and why? 

3. You have presented new data related to a study you have lead on aortic infection treatment. Can you summarise the key education messages?

4. Rifampicin coated grafts have been traditionally used in these patients, how are newer generation antimicrobial grafts improving patient care?


Videography: Mike Knight

Interviewer: Jonathan McKenna