How to Overcome Calcium in the Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA)

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Philips, in collaboration with Radcliffe Vascular, are pleased to bring you this webinar on How to overcome calcium in the superficial femoral artery (SFA) with Professor Bisdas (St Franziskus Hospital, Muenster, Germany) and Dr Piorkowski (Cardiovascular Center Bethanien, Frankfurt, Germany).

In this webinar, Prof Bisdas and Dr Piorkowski discuss the need for vessel preparation in complex SFA lesions and review the evidence available for the use of drug-coated balloons in common and complex lesions, with a special focus on severe calcification. This includes two case studies evaluating the combined use of the Phoenix atherectomy system and Stellarex drug-coated angioplasty balloon.

Performed By:

Theodosios Bisdas

Theodosios Bisdas

Michael Piorkowski

Michael Piorkowski

Learning Objectives

  • The successes of DCBs and their limitations in complex lesions
  • The use of atherectomy to remove the calcium barrier
  • The evidence of combining atherectomy and DCBs in calcified lesions

Target Audience

  • Vascular and endovascular specialists

Faculty Biographies

Theodosios Bisdas

Theodosios Bisdas

Prof Bisdas is an Endovascular Specialist and Phlebologist specialising in peripheral arterial disease and complex aortic interventions. He is currently working as a Consultant for the Aortic and Peripheral Endovascular Programme at the St Franziskus Hospital, Muenster, Germany. He was appointed as an Associate Professor for Vascular Surgery in 2014.

Prof Bisdas is the recipient of many awards such as the Karl Kremer Award (DGG) and the Vascular Career Advancement Award. He has contributed to more than 90 papers and is the founder of Vascupedia.

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Michael Piorkowski

Michael Piorkowski

Dr Piorkowski is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Angiology at the Cardioangoligical Center of Bethanien, Frankfurt, Germany.

After starting his residency in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Dr Piorkowski moved from cardiac to vascular medicine. He started his interventional training in the Park Hospital and Heart Center in Leipzig in Germany in 2010, where he has since gained experience in treating chronic arterial and venous occlusions, aneurysmatic aortic and iliac diseases.

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