Fabrizio D'Abate

Fabrizio D'Abate

Clinical Vascular Scientist

St George's University Hospital, London, UK


Dr Fabrizio D'Abate leads the sonography team at the UK Vein Clinic, and is a Clinical Vascular Scientist at St George's University Hospital in London, UK. He is also Co-Founder of ABCvascular, an e-learning platform in vascular ultrasound. In 2022, Dr D'Abate founded LampoVet, a veterinary telemedicine platform. 

Dr D'Abate completed his MSc in vascular ultrasound in Florence in 2007, before undertaking study at the vascular research institute in Exeter to research the micro and macro vascular complications of diabetes with non-invasive technologies. His clinical research interests include imaging, iliac endofibrosis and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening programs. 

Dr Fabrizio D'Abate is on the editorial board for Vascular and Endovascular Review Journal.