The Hostile Neck

The treatment of complex thoracic and aortic aneurysms with hostile necks represents a major challenge compared to that with friendly neck anatomy. To date, the available therapeutic options including open and endovascular techniques have no true algorithm for the use in hostile anatomies, and surgeons worldwide lack clinical strategies and insights on how to expand current treatment options to more challenging cases.


This dedicated homepage aims to collate the current literature on this topic, and also seeks to bring the vascular community closer together to ensure optimal patient care and improved outcomes in this patient population. I hope that this time-saving resource will help like-minded physicians to learn more and interact on this topic. I also invite you to share and present your experience and cases in this section or through our dedicated journal, Vascular and Endovascular Review which is indexed in Scopus and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

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Prof Konstantinos Donas

Section Advisor

Prof Konstantinos Donas

Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery, Director of the Research Vascular Centre, Asklepios Clinic Langen, University of Frankfurt, Germany

The Radcliffe Hostile Neck educational hub is an independent program led by Prof K Donas.

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