Venous Association of India 12th Anual Conference 2019

Venous disorders are common. These disorders usually effect the quality of life and threaten life if they progress to pulmonary embolism. In the recent past the importance of early recognition and correction of these disorders maintains the quality of life and prevents mortality. Endovenous therapies [Laser, RF ablation] have become popular in addition to surgical therapies to correct the venous insufficiency. Classification of venous insufficiency (CEAP) has been helpful to grade the disease.

The economic burden due to venous disease is recognized to be enormous. International and national conferences are now spreading the knowledge of venous disease management. VAICON annual meetings are part of this effort to increase the awareness and spread the knowledge of venous therapies. I am sure you will take active part in this VAICON 2019 and enrich your knowledge of venous disease and it's management.

We welcome you all to the scientific extravaganza, gastronomical feast and to the city of pearls, Hyderabad to be held on 17th | 18th | 19th January, 2019.

Start date
Thursday January 17 2019
End date
Saturday January 19 2019
The Manohar, Hyderabad
Phone: 09845671462

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