Intravascular Lithotripsy – Reducing Risk and Simplifying Complex Calcified Lesions

Published: 23 July 2021

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Supported by Shockwave Medical, this page brings together the content from the Vascular Interventions Online Symposium: Intravascular Lithotripsy – Reducing Risk and Simplifying Complex Calcified Lesions. Here we also present the three part IVL STAG tutorial series delivered by Konstantinos Stavroulakis


Combining expert opinion and discussion from a world-class faculty, insightful presentations, and live cases from centres on both sides of the Atlantic, VIO 2021 delivered best-in-class learning, supporting the latest in diagnosis, treatment strategies and patient management in vascular care.

This event was supported by:

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how IVL's unique mechanism provides efficacious lumen gain and reduces procedural complication.
  • Discover how IVL can facilitate a leave nothing behind strategy in calcified Femoropopliteal lesions.
  • Learn how IVL can offer a best endo approach to treat CFA disease with case examples from daily practice and an overview of the data to support its use.

Target Audience

  • Vascular Surgeon
  • Angiologist
  • Cardiothoracic surgeon
  • Cardiovascular specialist
  • Endovascular surgeon
  • Imaging diagnostician
  • Interventional cardiologist/ radiologist

More from this programme

Part 1

Symposium: Introduction and Mechanism of Action

Part 2

Symposium: Can IVL Facilitate a 'Leave Nothing Behind' Strategy?

Athanasios Saratzis discusses where and how IVL can be implemented in PAD Strategy

Part 3

Symposium: A 'Best Endo Solution' for the Treatment of Complex CFA Disease

Konstantinos Stavroulakis gives expert insight in how he uses IVL in his practice

Part 4

IVL STAG Tutorial: Challenges of treating & Mechanism of action

Konstantinos Stavroulakis delivers a tutorial on the MOA of IVL and the challenges that calcium presents

Part 5

IVL STAG Tutorial: Data Landscape and Literature on use of IVL

Konstantinos Stavroulakis presents data supporting IVL use

Part 6

IVL STAG Tutorial: IVL for femoropopliteal disease

Konstantinos Stavroulakis analyses the role IVL plays in fem-pop disease

Faculty Biographies

Konstantinos Stavroulakis

Konstantinos Stavroulakis

Consultant of vascular and endovascular surgery

Dr Konstantinos Stavroulakis is a Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon at St. Franziskus Hospital, Münster, Germany. He trained at the University of Crete Medical School until 2009. He moved to Germany in 2012 and became a Trainee of Surgery and Vascular Surgery at the Paracelsus Clinic Marl, Germany. He achieved his Postgraduate ( qualification in March 2016 from the Westphälische-Wilhelms-Universität Münster. His thesis was - Combination therapy with directional atherectomy and drug eluting balloon angioplasty for isolated lesions of the popliteal artery. He currently is Scientific Director of the Institute for Vascular Research as well as Editor in Chief Vascupedia. As well as being involved in numerous research trials he presents at all the major vascular congresses.

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