Five-Year Results From a Patient-Level Meta-Analysis of the ILLUMENATE RCTs

Published: 18 May 2021

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In this video interview, Dr William Gray (Lankenau Heart Institute, Pennsylvania, US) outlines the five-year results of a meta-analysis confirming the long-term safety of the Phillips Stellarex drug-coated balloon (DCB).

The ILLUMENATE RCT trials reinforce that there is no difference in mortality between the Stellarex DCB arm and the PTA arm. Dr Gray discusses the implications of these findings for both future practice and research.

1. What prompted you to conduct this study?

2. Can you tell us about the study design?

3. What are your key findings?

4. Which patient group would benefit the most from Stellarex DCBs and conclusions can be made?

5. What are your take-home messages from this meta-analysis?

6. What are the next steps?

Recorded remotely from Wynnewood, 2021.