VIVA and VEINS 2023: Late-Breaking Video Collection

Published: 27 November 2023

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Short, accessible Expert Interviews will be available with select faculty focusing on the results, applicability, and impact on future research.

About the episode

VIVA 23 - We are joined virtually by Dr Marianne Brodmann (Medical University of Graz, AT) to discuss the findings of the Stellarex Vascular E-Registry (SAVER) study of the Gender Subgroup analysis.

The SAVER subgroup analysis was a real-world registry with over 1800 Rutherford category 2-6 patients included. The results suggested that the low-dose paclitaxel-coated Stellarex Balloon behaved efficiently across gender subgroups, as well as patients with diabetes. 

Interview Questions:

  1. What was the reasoning behind this study?
  2. What was the patient population and study design?
  3. What are the late-breaking findings?
  4. What are your take-home messages?
  5. What further study is needed?

Recorded remotely from Graz, 2023.

Editor: Jordan Rance
Video Specialist: Dan Brent

Faculty Biographies

Marianne Brodmann

Marianne Brodmann

Professor, Head of the Clinical Division of Angiology

Dr Marianne Brodmann is the Head of Division of Angiology, Head of Clinical Research at Division of Angiology at the Medical University of Graz, Austria.

Dr Brodmann is a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology, Board Member of the European Union of Medical Specialist (UEMS), past President of the ÖGA (Austrian Society of Angiology) and National Delegate of the IUA (International Union of Angiology).

Research activities include anticoagulation and thrombolysis, new endovascular technologies in the peripheral field and evaluation of the nature of restenosis. She also founded a research establishment for experimental angiology animal models at the University of Graz.

Dr Brodmann has participated in over 50 international clinical trials including Principal Investigator for the Bioflex I, Lutonix BTK and TOBA-BTK clinical trials and Steering Committee of the CVI Ingenuity trial.

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