Optimal Management of Varicose Vein and other Superficial Venous Pathologies

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In this webinar, Optimal Management of Varicose Vein and other Superficial Venous Pathologies , we will take a detailed look at current referral practices in primary care, early intervention and treatment. The faculty will then briefly discuss patient education and self-management following special situations.

Through short, time-saving sessions, we will explore a broad range of essential topics, providing practical insight on:

  • Management of long-term complications

  • Treatment strategies

  • Referral practices

This hour-long session includes a mixture of short presentations, followed by faculty discussions, distilling the most essential information to enhance daily management of varicose veins. The final session will consist of a panel discussion to answer those burning questions.


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Greg McMahon

Greg McMahon

Chung Sim Lim

Chung Sim Lim

Leanne Atkin

Leanne Atkin

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Welcome and Introduction

18:30 - 18:33

The importance of early referral and intervention of varicose veins

18:33 - 18:48

Optimal management

18:48 - 19:03

Panel Discussion

19:03 - 19:20


All faculty
19:20 - 19:28

Closing remarks

19:28 - 19:30

Learning Objectives

  • Recall appropriate management strategies for venous leg ulcers 
  • Identify patients in whom ablation is an appropriate treatment modality
  • Provide urgent referrals for individuals requiring specialist intervention

Target Audience

  • The venous review is specifically designed for General Practitioners

Faculty Biographies

Greg McMahon

Greg McMahon

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Chung Sim Lim

Chung Sim Lim

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Leanne Atkin

Leanne Atkin

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