• vascularPODCAST: Ep 9: Vascular Surgery in a War Zone

    This month's guest host, Prof Ramesh Tripathi, (University of Queensland, Au) meets with Dr Lt Dawn Coleman (University of Michigan, US) a clinical associate professor in vascular surgery, to discuss her experience as a general military surgeon in the US reserve army.

    Hear them discuss issues around wellness and burnout and in the US military and civilian life and her role in the Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS) wellness group. Learn what it's like to work under threat with mass casualties in small teams and understand what preparations are required. Hear how her background in vascular surgery benefited her deployment as a US reservist general surgeon and helped make her "a better general surgeon" and how her deployment experience taught her the importance of team communication, relationships and gratitude.

  • Ep 8: CLTI: Perspectives From The Lion City

    Why is the Asian population so different and difficult to treat for BTK complications compared to their European counterparts?

    This month’s vascularPODCAST episode features guest host, Associate Professor Andrew Choong and panellists Associate Profs Tjung Tang and Edward Choke (Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore) to discuss chronic limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI) with a focus on why ‘endovascular-first’ is the go-to treatment option in Singapore. They examine the latest trial data available to support treatment options and consider what the future holds for CLTI treatment and BTK vasculature.

  • Ep 7: AAA: Appropriateness and Treatment Options Post-NICE

    Should an aneurysm always be treated?

    Stephen Black, MD, hosts this month’s episode and is joined by guests Prof Ian Loftus, Prof Bijan Modarai and Dr Jude Partridge to answer this question. Together they discuss the appropriateness of aortic aneurysm intervention, for the treatment of aortic disease.

    They consider the impact of the NICE guidelines and explore what’s important to the patient before selecting treatment options, considering factors such as QoL and highlight the need for patient-centred care.

  • Ep 6: Picking Up the Pieces: Navigating an Unyielding Pandemic, Returning to Practice Growth

    In this month’s episode, host Kush Desai joins an expert panel of venous specialists that includes Stephen Black, Steve Elias, Tony Gasparis, Nicos Labropoulos and Gerry O’Sullivan, discussing how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the practice of venous medicine.

    They discuss their experiences and the dichotomy of treatment restrictions across the globe, in particular highlighting the disparities between the UK, Ireland and the US. In addition, they consider the steps that can be taken to return to adequate levels of treatment, and the key considerations that need to be taken into account as normality ensues.

  • Ep 5: Women in Vascular Surgery

    In this month’s episode, host Ramesh Tripathi meets with four key female figures in vascular medicine, Julie Freischlag (Wake Forest Baptist Health, NC, US), Erica L Mitchell (Uni of Tennessee, US), Bernadette Aulivola (Loyola University, IL, US) and Shipra Arya (Uni of Stanford, CA, US) to discuss what it means to be a woman in vascular surgery today.

    They discuss their personal experiences as women in vascular medicine, share the challenges and issues they have faced as a result of gender bias and consider how leadership principles and society support can help move the dial to remove these barriers for future generations.

  • Episode 4: Getting on the same page in female pelvic venous disease: Current practice and knowledge gaps

    In this month’s vascularPODCAST episode, host Kush Desai, MD, joins guests Ronald Winokur, Neil Khilnani, Kathleen Gibson, and Mark Meissner to discuss the topic of female pelvic venous disease. Together they examine the latest literature and the impact new scientific data has on treatment options. They also address the significant knowledge gap that exists and consider how physicians should assess, diagnose and measure outcomes to effectively treat these patients.

  • Episode 3: The Diabetic Foot

    “Diabetic Foot” is referred to a condition that involves alterations in the structure, function and integrity of tissues of the foot.

    In this month’s vascularPODCAST episode, guests Prof Joseph L Mills (Baylor College of Medicine, TX, US) and Prof David Armstrong (USC, South Carolina, US) join host Prof Ramesh Tripathi (Uni of Queensland, AU) to discuss their unique approach to managing diabetic foot ulcers using the “Toe, Flow and Go” concepts.
    With great camaraderie, hear them discuss the benefits of having combined treatment from both a podiatrist and vascular specialist to provide complementary care for these patients.

    Highlights include an overview of their unique approach, established as part of the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA), which has since been adopted in numerous centres across the US, as well as tips for establishing a similar clinic in your area and long-term management and treatment options of the diabetic foot.

  • Episode 2: The Magic of Vascular Surgery: An interview with Peter Gloviczki

    Peter Gloviczki wanted to be a Professor of Surgery at just 6 years old and is an iconic and inspirational, award-winning vascular surgeon and magician.

    In this episode, Associate Prof Ramesh Tripathi (Queensland University, AU) meets with Emeritus Professor Peter Gloviczki (Mayo Clinic, US) for an insightful interview with the legendary vascular surgeon, as they look back at various aspects of his career to understand what helped shape his role as a physician.

    Hear them discuss aspects of his formative years including his education and training, his challenges, motivations and his stint as a famous Hungarian magician! They also look to the future and his role as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Vascular Surgery and discuss the latest issues surrounding diversity, inclusion and equality in vascular surgery, especially for women.

  • Episode 1: Shifting Tides in Vascular Education: Have we Permanently Moved to the Virtual Realm?

    This first episode in our brand new vascularPODCAST series, features Associate Professor Kush R Desai (Northwestern University, US) and Mr Stephen Black (Guy’s and St Thomas’, UK) host an informal discussion around the shifting tides in vascular education, with a specific focus on online learning for both physicians and industry.

    Hear them unpick the pros and cons of the virtual learning environment and hear their thoughts on where vascular education is heading in the future given the last six months in light of COVID-19.