Why is the Asian population so different and difficult to treat for BTK complications compared to their European counterparts?


This month’s vascularPODCAST episode features guest host, Associate Professor Andrew Choong and panellists Associate Profs Tjung Tang and Edward Choke (Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore) to discuss chronic limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI) with a focus on why ‘endovascular-first’ is the go-to treatment option in Singapore. They examine the latest trial data available to support treatment options and consider what the future holds for CLTI treatment and BTK vasculature.


Hear them discuss:


  • The differences between treating patients for BTK: Asia vs Europe
  • Examination of available data: FUTURE-BTK and MERLION
  • The Paclitaxel safety controversy, including an examination of the Katsanos meta-analysis
  • Sirolimus as a future technology for SFA, popliteal disease and BTK
  • DBCs to treat BTK: which are appropriate?
  • The future for CLTI treatment options and BTK vasculature

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