“Diabetic Foot” is referred to a condition that involves alterations in the structure, function and integrity of tissues of the foot. Diabetic patients typically have a loss of sensation, structural deformities, the propensity to infection and poor circulation. Therefore there is a crying need for comprehensive Diabetic Footcare to prevent complications and extend the life of the lower limb and prevent amputations.

In this month’s vascularPODCAST episode, guests Prof Joseph L Mills (Baylor College of Medicine, TX, US) and Prof David Armstrong (USC, South Carolina, US) join host Prof Ramesh Tripathi (Uni of Queensland, AU) to discuss their unique approach to managing diabetic foot ulcers using the “Toe, Flow and Go” concepts. With great camaraderie, hear them discuss the benefits of having combined treatment from both a podiatrist and vascular specialist to provide complementary care for these patients. Highlights include an overview of their unique approach, established as part of the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA), which has since been adopted in numerous centres across the US, as well as tips for establishing a similar clinic in your area and long-term management and treatment options of the diabetic foot.

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