LINC 2019: Final 6-month Results from the LUTONIX® Global AV Registry

Published: 31 Jan 2019

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Dr Panagiotis M. Kitrou (Patras University Hospital, Rio, GR) discusses the final 6-month results from the LUTONIX® Global AV registry.


Filmed by Radcliffe Vascular on site at LINC 2019.

Editorial Lead: Gary Swanston / David Ramsey 

Videographer:  Tom Green 



1. What is the Lutonix Global AV Registry and why was it initiated? (00:09)

2. How many patients have been followed in the registry? (00:44)

3. What data are you presenting at LINC 2019? (01:12)

4. How does this compare to the interim data reported last year; and to other DCBs on the market? (01:53)

5. What are the takehome messages for vascular physicians? (02:32)