Stenting Unilateral Chronic Disease on Right-hand Side

Published: 12 August 2020

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In this real-life case example, Mr Stephen Black, MD, and Mr Prakash Saha (Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK), show how to treat a patient with unilateral chronic disease on the right-hand side through minimally invasive endovascular treatment. 

Faculty Biographies

Stephen Black

Stephen Black

University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa, Consultant Vascular Surgeon Professor of Venous Surgery

Prof Stephen Black is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and a Professor of Venous Surgery at Kings College, London. He is the Clinical Lead for Vascular Surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and the Co-R&D Lead for the Cardiovascular Directorate (Cardiology, Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery).
Dr Black is the Co-founder & Medical Director at UK Vein Clinic. In Private Practice he undertakes medical consultations and minimally invasive procedures at 150 Harley Street. For complex work, Dr Black's private practice is at Harley Street HCA Clinic in London and Ramsey Ashtead Hospital in Surrey.

His principal clinical interest is the treatment of Venous Disease. Prof Black has established a large practice in the treatment of both Acute and Chronic Deep Venous Disease as well as superficial venous disorders and together with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team of colleagues at Guy's and St Thomas…

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Prakash Saha

Prakash Saha

Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Prakash Saha is a clinical senior lecturer at Kings College and honorary consultant endovascular surgeon at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK where he is the clinical lead for venous and lymphoedema surgery.

Following the completion of his Wellcome Trust-funded PhD in 2012, Dr Saha has remained active in research and been awarded research grants from the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal Society of Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences and the British Heart Foundation. He has published in more than 50 peer-reviewed journals and received prizes from the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland, an International Young Investigator Award from the International Society of Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis, and an Early Career Investigator Award from the American Heart Association.


  • endovascular aortic repair;
  • lower limb revascularisation;
  • venous thrombosis.
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