Superficial vein disease is a relatively non-harmful disease that significantly affects a patient’s quality of life. Major risk factors include genetics, multiple pregnancies and a job with a lot of standing. More prevalent in females and often aggravated by poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and obesity, it’s a disease that is difficult for physicians to prevent or control.


So, is superficial disease dead or not?


Join Dr Steve Elias for this provocative discussion with a world-renowned expert panel: Prof Alun Davies (Imperial College London, UK), Ellie Dillavou, MD, (Duke Regional Hospital, US), Dr Margaret Mann (Innova Dermatology, US), and Dr Lowell Kabnick (NYU Vein Center, US) to discuss the issues surrounding superficial vein disease, with a focus on treatment options and technologies.


In this episode they discuss:

[03.00] Should we prevent superficial vein disease: part 1?
[05.25] How good are we at treating superficial vein disease?
[07.10] What are we best at treating in vein disease?
[10.25] Spider veins: treatment and technologies. Are we happy with results?
[19.02] Varicosity treatment: should we be looking for new types?
[27.00] The perfect catheter devices.
[33.12] Should we try to prevent superficial vein disease: part 2?

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