Infrainguinal deep venous disease is quite common. However, most vein specialists are not aware of many new options available to help patients.

In this latest veinPODCAST episode, Steve Elias, MD, meets with an expert panel to discuss Infrainguinal Deep Venous Disease from many aspects including reflux, post-thrombotic and obstructive disease. They consider what can be done now to help patients with current knowledge and available technology and what is needed to further support treatment of this condition in the future?


In this episode they discuss:


[03.00] Are these patients easy to treat?
[09.25] Why are device companies investing in R&D to treat deep venous disease?
[12.43] Valve transplant: a waste of time?
[16.30] Therapeutic anticoagulation: the one and only treatment option?
[23.49] New technologies to add to anticoagulation alone
[28.09] Practical advice on treating femoropopliteal segments
[32.00] Post-thrombotic changes in the common femoral segment, implications for treatment
[36.44] Can angioplasty/stenting improve lower extremity outflow?
[48.10] What technologies do we need in the femoropopliteal segments to treat patients?


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