CIRSE 22: The PRIZER Study: The RENZAN™ Stent System in the Femoropopliteal Area

Published: 12 Sep 2022

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CIRSE 22 - Dr Koen Deloose (AZSint Blasius Hospital Dendermonde, BE) sits down to discuss the findings of the PRIZER Study in a cohort of 90 patients with superficial femoral artery disease.

The PRIZER Study set out to confirm the safety and efficacy of the Renzan™ stent system in the treatment of superficial femoral and popliteal artery disease. In this interview, Dr Deloose focuses on the endovascular outcomes of the SFA Patients within this cohort.

Recorded remotely from Dendermonde, 2022.
Interviewer: Jordan Rance
Videography: Oliver Miles