Ep 14: The Vein Heart: The Calf Pump? Walking is Man’s Best Medicine

Published: 26 Nov 2021

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Today's panellists have a wide variety of specialities and feature a vascular surgeon (Sergio Gianesini), a podiatrist (Sean Pincus), a physiotherapist (Nicole Redman) and an orthopaedic specialist (Fred Louw) who together discuss the importance of the calf pump, otherwise known as the peripheral heart muscle.

In this episode they discuss:

- How important is the calf pump?
- How to improve calf function: the podiatrist and the venous physician
- Patient rehabilitation: the importance of calf pump and peri-operative exercise, pre-op physio and early mobilisation
- The role of the foot
- The non-functional calf-pump: obesity, severe oedema and non-healing wounds
- Misinformation on products
- Optimising treatment: referrals and the importance of lymphedema and other specialists


Hosted by Dr Laura Redman and produced by Radcliffe Vascular. Follow us on social media for the latest updates on the next episode @RadcliffeVASCU today!

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Videography:Oliver Miles