EP 8: Venous Meetings 2020: A Post-Mortem

Published: 10 Nov 2020

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Is 2020 the death of the congress as we know it?

Will a phoenix rise from the ashes and what will future congress sessions look like in the future?

Non-societal representatives, Manjit Gohel (Charing Cross), Jose Almeida  (IVC), Antonio Gasparis (Venous Symposium), Nicos Labroupoulos (EVM) and Prof Frank Veith (VEITH), join the discussion today to examine the issues impacting venous meetings in 2020.

Listen to them discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on society meeting attendance this year and what’s been learnt about hosting meetings as a result. Hear them discuss the pros and cons of virtual meeting attendance and their thoughts around the challenges of postponement and reinvigoration, as they consider what the future might hold for education in 2021/22.

In this episode they discuss:

[03.50] The current society experience and managing financial losses

[12.05] The beauty of the virtual meeting

[16.20] The beauty of the physical meeting

[21.00] Are annual meetings really necessary for physicians?

[27.00] Are annual meetings really necessary for industry?

[31.15] VEITHsymposium 2021: a reality?

[34.48] CX 2021: a reality?

[41.00] Final thoughts with Steve Elias


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