EVM Virtual Interactive: Day 1 - Various

Published: 12 Jun 2020

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The Expert Venous Management (EVM) symposium was held as a virtual interactive session this year, over two days, on 5 - 6 June 2020. 
The sessions are aimed at vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists, phlebologists, cardiologists and general surgeons treating venous disease and is available here on demand for you to view. 
Steve Elias, Englewood Hospital & Medical Centre
Antonios Gasparis, Stony Brook Medicine 
Nicos Labropoulos, Stony Brook Medicine 
Day One Program:
1. Focus on superficial veins | Moderator: Steve Elias | Front panel: Kabnick, Schul, Onida
1.1 Complication after superficial treatment | Speaker: Peter Pappas
1.2 Using multiple tools for superficial reflux | Speaker: Kathy Gibson
1.3 Industry session: Philips | Speaker: Anuja Nair
2. Pelvic venous reflux | Moderator: Tony Gasparis | Front panel: Pitman, Guzman, Bjarnason
2.1 Pelvic reflux and obstruction | Speaker: Kush Desai
2.2 Ovarian reflux with no pelvic symptoms | Speaker: Mark Meissner
2.3 Industry session: Medtronic | Speaker: Kathy Gibson
3. Patients with wounds | Moderator: Tomasz Urbanek | Front panel: Davies, O'Donnell, Gohel
3.1 Venous ulcer with complex venous disease | Speaker: Bill Marston
3.2 Ulcers and Oddities | Speaker: Tom Rooke
4. Quick shots: Venous imaging | Moderator: Nicos Labropoulos | Front row: Bill Marston, Tomasz Urbanek, Kush Desai
5. Closing remarks 
Filmed and produced by Radcliffe Vascular.