LINC 24: Braided Nitinol Stent for Iliofemoral Venous Disease: BLUEFLOW

Published: 24 Jun 2024

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LINC 2024 - In this concise interview, Dr Michael Lichtenberg (Vascular Centre Clinic Arnsberg, DE) discusses the key findings from the BLUEFLOW Registry.

BLUEFLOW was a real-world retrospective observational registry which aimed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a braided venous stent for venous outflow obstruction treatment. Patients who had venous recanalisation for non or post-thrombotic cardiovascular disease with this novel stent were eligible for inclusion in this registry. Effectiveness outcomes included primary patency and change in revised venous clinical severity score (rVCSS).

Interview Questions:

  1. What is the reasoning for this registry?
  2. What are the key findings?
  3. What are the implications of these findings on clinical practice?
  4. What further research is required?

Recorded remotely from Arnsberg, 2024.


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