VeinPODCAST EP 10: Venous Purgatory: What Are We Unsure Of?

Published: 08 Jan 2021

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Purgatory is defined as “a place or state of suffering” according to the Oxford dictionary.

This month’s episode is ‘the podcast with all the questions but not all of the answers’ as Steve Elias, MD, and his expert guest panel including Mark Meissner, Raghu Kolluri, Manu Aggarwal and Tom O’Donnell consider the interesting questions in the grey zones of venous disease. Hear them discuss the unknowns around techniques, technology, diagnostics, therapeutics and education in venous disease and how there is so much more to understand in this exciting field of medicine. 

In this episode they discuss:

[02.25] Diagnostic uncertainty
[16.25] Thrombus ageing
[24.54] Below the groin: treating spider veins
[30.45] Saphenous vein reflux
[36.54] Ulcer care: healing rates - have we got it all wrong?
[44.45] Drugs: prevention and treatment
[51.00] Concluding comments

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