VEINS 23: VIVID: Venous Stent for the Iliofemoral Vein

Published: 22 Nov 2023

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VEINS 23 - We are joined by Dr Mahmood Razavi (St. Joseph Heart & Vascular Center, US) to discuss the late-breaking findings of the VIVID trial, sponsored by Vesper Medical.

The VIVID Trial is a prospective, multicenter, single-arm, non-blinded clinical trial which aimed to investigate the efficacy and safety of the Vesper DUO Venous Stent System when compared to a pre-defined performance goal.

Safety results found that freedom from major adverse events was 98.7%, a statistically significant improvement over the performance goal. Efficacy results showed a patency rate of 90.2%, also a statistically significant finding.

Interview Questions:

  1. What was the reasoning behind this study?
  2. Could you tell us about the DUO Venous Stent System?
  3. What was the patient population and study design?
  4. What were the key findings?
  5. What are your take-home messages?
  6. What further study is needed, and what are the next steps?

Recorded remotely from Orange, 2023.


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