The treatment of venous thrombosis has historically been undertreated and under-recognised. In this episode, Steve Elias, MD meets with Makis Avgerinos (Uni of Pittsburgh, US), Mitchell Silver (Ohio Health, US), John Moriarty (UCLA, US) and Thomas Bernik (Englewood Health, NJ, US) to discuss how deep vein thrombosis (DVT) has become the latest ‘hot topic’ in vascular medicine. Together they unpick how thought processes and available technologies are changing to better treat this disease.


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In this episode they discuss:

[03.00] The excitement surrounding new DVT technology

[05.00] DVT devices: the history

[06.25] New devices: changing DVT patient management

[07.30] The ATTRACT trial: what did it teach us and what did it change?

[15.00] The art of medicine: treating the grey areas

[27.00] The advances of catheters: a review

[31.00] The use of non-thrombolytic devices: the right algorithm

[35.00] The advantage of IVUS: a review

[36.33] The limitations of anticoagulation 

[39.00] Acute DVT management: what’s missing to improve patient care?

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47m 52s