Vascular Disease and Surgery

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MEET THE EXPERT in Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair

Eric L G Verhoeven, Tara Mastracci, Stephan Haulon et al

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Indications for Endovascular AAA Treatment

Marc RHM van Sambeek, Johanna M Hendriks, Lukas C van Dijk,

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Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease

Olivier Phan, Michel Burnier, Grégoire Wuerzner,

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Peripheral Arterial Interventions

Brock Cookman, Suhail Allaqaband, Tonga Nfor,

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Aortic Dissection: Novel Surgical Hybrid Procedures

Alessandro Cannavale, Mariangela Santoni, Fabrizio Fanelli, et al

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Anticoagulation in Peripheral Artery Disease: Are We There Yet?

Alessandro Cannavale, Mariangela Santoni, Giuseppe Cannavale, et al

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Transradial Access: A Comprehensive Review

Shawn Hobby, Maxwell Stroebel, Ricardo Yamada, et al

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Superficial Vein Insufficiencies: Initiating Management

Greg McMahon , Leanne Atkin, Chung Sim Lim


Heart transplantation surgery has become the standard treatment for selected patients with end-stage heart failure. Improvements in immunosuppressant, donor procurement, surgical techniques, and post-transplant care have resulted in a substantial decrease in acute allograft rejection, which had previously significantly limited survival of heart transplant recipients.

The number of heart transplants performed worldwide over the last decade has continued to increase annually.

Current challenges include older age of both recipients and donors; an increasing number of transplants performed with mechanical circulatory support; the growing use of combined organ transplants (now more than 4% of all heart transplants); and a high proportion of sensitised patients (those with pre-formed antibodies against human leukocyte antigens, which increased the risk of organ rejection).

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